Friday, June 13, 2008

New AoC Guild On Damballah

So my friends and I started a new guild on the Damballah pve server. If anyone is on that server and is interested in joining Keepers of Honor

We were recruiting some people last night which was fun running around in big groups helping people get their quests finished. :P

Thursday, June 12, 2008

ToS fun

So I moved into my new apartment and finally got the Alienware set up. I got to play a little bit last night.

The picture on the left is my main Arcadia lvl 18 Tempest of Set. She isn't much to look at but I am sure with enough time I'll get some nice epics on her.

I have been doing a lot of soloing lately, she can take on about two mobs at a time. It's kind of hard when you have such low health and you have three people beating up on you at once. I have found that this class is about survival more than anything, at least at the lvl I am right now. I use a lot of my stuns and quicksand to quickly heal up and get away from a nasty beating.

I am looking forward to getting out of this small village and out into the real world. I am almost there and I have almost all of the single player finished.

Another patch hit today to fix some more bugs and stuff.


  • The Killer Rhino and War Mammoth have received a minor increase to their trot and gallop speeds. The trot (default movement speed) should now be slightly faster than a jogging player, while the gallop should only be slightly slower than a sprinting player.
  • The Standard Horse has received a moderate increase to it's canter and gallop speeds. The canter (default movement speed) should now be equal to a sprinting player, while the gallop should be slightly faster than twice the speed of a jogging player.
  • The Armored Horse has received a moderate increase to its canter and gallop speeds. The canter (default movement speed) should now be a slightly faster than a sprinting player, while the gallop should be moderately faster than twice the speed of a jogging player.
  • The Swift Horse has received a substantial increase to its canter and gallop speeds. The canter (default movement speed) should now be equal to twice the speed of a jogging player, while the gallop should be only slightly slower than three times the speed of a jogging player.

Player Character
  • 18 new robe assets added to the game for the mage classes
  • Players can no longer be knocked back while in spellweaving state
  • A large number of abilities had a tendency to not trigger in some situations. This should be fixed now.
  • The following emotes are now available to both male and female characters: scratchhead, scratcharm, apprehensive, danglefeet, squirm_on_ground, relaxed_lean (new)
  • Assassins in Unholy Stance will now generate a Soul Fragment from performing a Sneak Attack.
  • If a Barbarian performs a unarmed attack after executing their No Escape ability they should no longer slide around without animating their legs.
  • Unstoppable should stop functioning when the feat is untrained
  • Finishing Blow damage boost after charge should always cancel (even when missing the target) - Finishing blow should scale like this : 1 point = 2x damage, 2 points = 3x damage, 3 points = 4x damage.
  • Decapitation feat should scale better when more than one point is spent in the feat.
  • There is now a 5 minute cooldown on the resurrection effect gained through your Furious Inspiration ability. This cooldown is on the character offered the resurrection, not the conqueror, so you can still resurrect multiple people in the team, just each of those people cannot be brought back to life by you more than once every 5 minutes.
  • Fires of Gehenna (Rank 1) will now correctly inflict fire damage.
  • Inferno of Amher (Rank 4) now has the correct casting time.
  • Increased the movement speed of all your pets significantly.
Herald of Xotli
  • The effect of Demonic Fortitude has been increased to convert 10/15% mana to 10/20% stamina.
  • Significantly lowered the manacost of your nukes and dots.
  • Increased the movement speed of all your pets significantly.
  • Corruptors, Mutilators, Necrotic Bombs and Harvesters will now correctly trigger Bone Horde.
  • Pets no longer have the base monster miss chance. They no longer have an innate chance to miss their attacks.
  • Fixed Life Leech so that it will tick correctly on a monster that was not initially aggro to you.
Priest of Mitra
  • Armor of Faith is no longer cancelled by Holy Light triggering.
Tempest of Set
  • Tempest of Set spellweaving should now have all abilities enabled.

Mid Level (40) gameplay improvements
  • Field of the Dead: 100 additional mobs have found their way into the the playfield. In addition respawn times have been adjusted on both normal mobs and bosses to improve the playing experience. Also, a number of quests in the playfield have been improved upon.
  • Treasury of the Ancient Ones: This Dark dungeon in Khopshef plays like a new dungeon now! It has been revamped with a new event for both solo and group players. Special rewards await those who dare to take the challenge in Epic Mode. And you will no longer fall through the world when climbing up the statues.

  • Quests in the 20 - 40 level range have been checked that all are categorized under the proper locations in the quest journal.
  • Den of Wolves: The Plains Wolf population has increased.
  • The Curse of the Werewolves: Quest NPCs population has increased. Corinocht Slayers also update the quest now.
  • Wolf Hunt: The Yukagi Wolf population has increased.
  • Hunting the Vanir: Increased the number of Vanir in the SE camp, also increased their respawn rate.
  • Cure for Lycanthropy: Removed Skull of an Alpha Wolf pickup item, this skull can now only be gotten as a loot drop. Added mobs and reduced the respawn time of most mobs.
  • Toirdealbach's Tomb: Fixed the respawn rate, fixed the lighting and Toirdealbach's behaviour has been adjusted.
  • Water for the Soldiers in Thunder River: Updated the waypoint for Guard Captain Marcus.
  • Wagon Wreck: Added a missing waypoint for the quest The Wagon Wreck.
  • The Chieftain's Vengeance: Updated waypoints for the goals "Destroy Vanir Supply Crates" and "Kill Crazed Vanir" in the quest "The Chieftain's Vengeance".
  • Finding Safe Passage: The player now has to kill 7 Lupine Hunters. The waypoint has also been tweaked.
  • Cure for Lycanthropy: Added the missing waypoint to the "Collect Wolf Blood".
  • Wagon Wreck: Removed the level requirement for the handing in of the quest Wagon Wreck. The player will now see the ? above the NPCs head.
  • A Silver Bracelet: Fixed requirements on Bartholomo's dialogue, so he won't show destiny dialogue during daytime.
  • Phoenix of the South: Made sure the destiny quests are resolved and spawned in the right order, to prevent full quest journals to break the destiny quest.
  • The Awakening I: The quest reward has received a revamp based on feedback.
  • The Awakening I: An intermittent stall when watching the cutscene "Nadini's Vision" in the Destiny Quest has been resolved.
  • In Defense of Beauty: quest can be completed now.
  • Get Mantis Scales: The description was improved to better indicate where to get the scales.
  • Chaos in the Fortress: Burning the tents will now provide team credit.
  • Emerald Eyes: Quest classification has been corrected.
  • Family Matters: Quest description has been corrected.
  • Khopshef Province Quest: Updated the waypoint to Rami's Position
  • Kalutma: The dialogue has been tweaked to be more logical.
  • Lions and Lambs: The quest cannot be 'stolen' by other players now.
  • Lost Bottles: Wine bottles will correctly show as quest items in the world.
  • Seven Years: The text has been updated to be more accurate.
  • The Worshippers' Demise: Certain NPCs on white sands have been eating those worshippers with glee and will now have a much higher chance of dropping their gems.
  • Ante Up: Giants Approaching has had it's quest marker adjusted so that it appears in the proper location.
  • Path of the Raven: Rogan will now give the player 3 feathers for the quest.
  • Conall's Valley - Destroying the Ymir Totem has been updated to reward group credit.

  • Champion of the Honorguard now correctly drops T1 shoulders for Priest of Mitra instead of T3 shoulder for Ranger.
  • Herald of Xotli raid gear has been fixed and should now offer proper bonuses
  • Widowdusk Fauld should appear correctly now in inventory and in game.
  • Crafted crossbows should now appear correctly in the character's hand.
  • Updated item names to Gold Carcanet and Filigree Gold Carcanet
  • Fair Meat: will no longer end up in the quest inventory.
  • Drinking cape should no longer clip with chest item
  • Polearms are now all of the same length
  • Katars are now held and animated correctly
  • Field of the Dead: The dusk wolf pack has developed an aversion for bridges, and has changed hunting grounds.
  • Waudreen has been resupplied with an ample amount of armor.
  • The Champion of the Honorguard now uses its correct abilities again.
  • Toirdealbach's reset behaviour has been fixed.
  • Wulfere has lost his overly large belly, and gotten a head that is the same color as his body
  • Sergeant Vargus and his troopers have gotten a visual overhaul
  • Obenathis got a visual update
  • Fixed so the Axeman play they're animation when they get back up.
  • City of Tortage: The Town crier has realised he is not Cimmerian. He is Stygian. So he can, in fact, cry... and he now will.
  • Conalls Valley: Hydallan has had a potential dialogue loop fixed.
  • Conall's Valley: Kinkaid's dialogue has been tweaked.
  • Pyramid of the Ancient: Pashi dialogue updated.
  • Captain Mycus's dialogue has been updated to reflect his new career as a wagoner.
  • Alyssa in the Thirsty Dog Inn has had a false level warning removed.
  • Stygian Soldiers in Khopshef now correctly attack the wolves when they are out hunting.

  • Gemmed items should now work (giving bonuses) and viewing them should no longer crash the client.

  • You should no longer get stuck in Renton's House.
  • There should no rain and lightning in Toirdelbach's Tomb now

  • Combat-dodge animations updated for both Male and Female characters. Females now seem faster when dodging.
  • Victim of "I eat your heart" will not fall into the attacker's mesh anymore.
  • Picts will no longer raise their eyebrows at people after having been killed by a fatality
  • Players should now use proper animations when interacting with items while swimming.
  • Players should now have a correct landing animation when jumping.
  • Character Creation: Avatars can no longer be rotated after selecting enter game.
  • Doing a fatality will no longer cause your character to increase in size.
  • Polearm fatalities now collide with the victim properly and show more blood
  • More client and server crashes resolved.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Age of Conan Hits 1m Milestone

Funcom has announced that it has passed the milestone of one million copies shipped for its MMO Age of Conan, less than three weeks after the title's launch.

Age of Conan: Hybroian Adventures has had a strong performance on the UK, US and Europe charts. Funcom had announced that the title broke pre-order records and netted over 400,000 users in its first week.

"Sales data shows that Age of Conan is the biggest MMO launch since World of Warcraft," says Funcom vice president of sales and marketing, Morten Larssen.

"The numbers are very promising, and we are very proud to be one of the fastest selling PC games ever in a launch month and the biggest simultaneous Europe/US MMO launch in history."

From Games Industry Biz

I think it's awesome that they have sold that many copies, but they have to do a lot more to convince to me keep playing. If they can get the game to actually work properly, I think it will be one I stick with, but like I said before they got a lot of bugs to fix!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Post

Hey all this is my first post on here, but not my first blog. I just start playing Age of Conan not too long ago after playing World of Warcraft for as long as the game has been out. I was getting bored with High end raiding and decided to give Age of Conan a try. Well so far my experiences in Hyborian has been so far so good. I am a lvl 14 Tempest of Set on the Server Damballah. I haven't had too much time to play since I am in the middle of moving.

I can't begin to tell you how many bugs and changes this game is in need of, and I know all those out there that have been wanting to throw there keyboards out of the window know what I am talking about. So with this said I will be giving anyone that will listen a taste of my adventures and also articles, and news that I might hear on the way and slap them on here. Not much of a first Post but hopefully I will have some useful stuff on here, since there isn't very many resources out there yet.

Happy gaming to all!